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Updated Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Today’s Key Issues

  • Lower Miss Major Closures MM 595 – River closed during working hours 12/2 – 12/20 for intense Revetment Operations at Victoria Bend. Due to this closure, expect significant impact to north and southbound transit of multiple days. Industry establishing a traffic command center staffed 24-hrs to collaborate in real-time with the USACE and contractors. During the first 6-days of the project, there will be no ability to cease work to fully clear the queue. Traffic will run at night. Expect all boats will not clear the area nightly and delays could build to 3+ days by 12/7. Industry remains hopeful we can establish queue clearing windows every 2-3 days following this first phase to better mitigate delays.
  • Draft Reduction – Mississippi River – The river is falling quicker than expected St. Louis-South. SBD Drafts reduced to 11’0″ STL to Cairo and 11’6″ Cairo to Friar’s Point (LM 650) with a potential for further reduction this coming weekend. NBD drafts reduced to 10′ NOLA to STL and 11′ NOLA to Rosedale through Cairo.
  • Port Allen Lock Closure– Lock closed to transit 0600 – 1800 11/29 – 12/2 for guidewall repairs. Seeing 12-18 hrs of delay.
  • Kentucky Lock Closure (TR22.3) – Kentucky Lock closed 11/1 through 12/10 for needed repairs to the miter gates. As a result, traffic is passing through Barkley Lock and Canal. This route restricted to 12-barge tows and we are expect 18-36 hrs delay for lockage through mid-Dec.
  • Montgomery Lock Closure (OR 32) Main Chamber closed for miter gates repair from 10-25-21 through 12-22-21. Auxiliary Chamber in use, but currently seeing 5+ days of delay. Expect these delays to impact transit on the upper Ohio through the end of the year.
  • Wilson Lock Closure (TR 260) – Main Chamber closure 2/23 through 4/28, effectively crippling transit to/from Decatur, Guntersville, and Chattanooga. Will run the small chamber, but only capable of locking one barge at a time. Industry working with USACE on plans for openings to pass traffic. So far the first opportunity not planned until early April.

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