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Updated Friday, July 01, 2022

Today’s Key Issues

  • Ohio River Shoaling at Cumberland Bar (OR 926) – Due to shoaling and draft concerns below Smithland (OR 920-926), transit was delayed 6/19 – 6/27. Drafts have been reduced to 10′ full river on the Ohio, and a majority of the heavier drafting equipment has transited the area. Following rain in the Ohio Valley, expect a light rise and lightering/trimming operations to resolve heavier equipment by the close of the week.
  • Cannelton Lock Main Chamber Closure (OR 720)Main Chamber will close for repairs July 5th through November 19th. Traffic will pass through the Auxiliary chamber, requiring two cuts for most tows. Expect delays similar to the recent Belleville Lock closure (18-36 Hr).
  • Racine Lock Intermittent Closures (OR 237) – Under-water inspections will drive 8-hr closures daily at Racine Lock 6/28 – 6/30.
  • Pickwick Lock Main Chamber Closure (TR 206) – During a routine inspection, a potential structural issue was found in the Main Chamber and as a result the chamber is closed to navigation effective immediately (May 24th). Auxilliary chamber remains available for transit and can run 9-regulation barges. This issue is driving minimal delay to transit.
  • Illinois River Reopened near Peoria (IR 166) – Due to a sunken tug vessel in the channel, the Illinois River was closed to transit Saturday night 6/25 through Monday night 6/27. Expect delays to last through Wed, 6/29.
  • Norrell Lock (AK 10) – Projecting intermittent closures for repairs and a 70′ width restriction starting June 1st, 2022 thru September 19th with a full closure August 1st thru 10th. Intermittent closures will resume September 30th thru January 1st, 2023, with a full closure September 30th thru October 9th.
  • Harahan Daily Closure (LM 107) – Potential daily closure starting July 07-27 for power line work closure times 0700-1300 daily.
  • Bayou Sorrel Daytime Closures (PA 37) – Since March 17th, Bayou Sorrel has a planned closure 06:30 – 17:00 Monday through Thursday for repairs. Seeing 11 hrs of delay due tow work on the Bayou Sorrel Bridge located just above the lock. As of this morning, there were 7 tows in queue. The lock resumed normal operations on May 6th, but is planning to resume the closure on July 11th. Projected to last till Feb 28th, 2023.
  • Calcasieu Lock Closure (WC 239) – Daylight Closures 0700 – 1800 Mon – Thurs March 22nd through August 25th. Expect 24-36 hrs delay and potentially more pending ability to clear the backlog daily.
  • Brazzos Floodgates (WC 401) – Daylight Closures 0700 – 1700 Mon – Fri through July 1st. Expect 24-36 hrs delay.
  • Lower Tombigbee Historic Low Water – Proceed with extreme caution when transiting TT116.6 and below. Forecasted through July 3rd.
  • Industry Manpower Issues – The Inland Maritime Industry continues seeing major shortages of manpower. This is directly impacting the ability to crew towboats. As a result, expect 1-2 day delays in boat timings throughout the system, increasing overall barge transits in kind. ACBL has taken measures to increase our workforce throughout the system. The safety of our Mariners is our highest operating priority. Accordingly, ACBL has implemented measures and training programs to keep all of our team members safe.

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