River Closures & Restricted Movements


  • Braddock Locks and Dam (MR 11) – Primary Chamber is CLOSED for repairs from 9/13 – 10/15 …. Auxiliary Chamber will be used during this repair period.
  • Wilson Lock (TR 259) – the MAIN chamber is NOW OPEN ….. they will lock southbound during the daylight and northbound during the night. Main closure to take place on 9-22-21 from 0700 to 1400 for inspection.
  • Lock 6 on the Allegheny River (AR 36) – still CLOSED as of 8-30-21 for repairs until further notice. Updates to come.

Chicago/Illinois/Upper Miss

  • Lock 18 Closure – Lock 18 will be closed Sep 15 2021 0800-1800 to replace horizontal concrete on the upper land wall area.
  • Mel Price Main Chamber Closure 2022 – Main Chamber closed JAN 2022- Mar 2022 for Liftgate Replacement and Lock Dewatering.

Lower Miss/Gulf/Canals/Tenn Tom

  • Hurricane IDA Recovery- Recovery plans are now in full swing. This storm has caused major damage to areas in and around Greater New Orleans.  ACBL is coordinating recovery efforts with Industry and the USCG. Ensuring personnel, cargo, and equipment security remains our TOP priority. Transit delays are still expected as the Industry is getting back into a normal transportation pattern as boats, fleets, and shipyards recover from this Hurricane. Please contact your Sales representative with any questions you may have regarding the status of your cargo.
    • Please click here for additional details from GICA/ACOE update.
  • Claiborne Ave Bridge They are having electrical problems and think they can make permanent repairs by tomorrow afternoon.  If they cannot make repairs, we are going to set a daylight opening schedule to pass vessels – not sure of the times but will let you know.  LADOTD has been working this continuously w/ their resources.  I will have an update tomorrow late morning. 
  • Port Allen Lock Delays still continue to build at Port Allen lock. As of 9:00 9/21/21, 19 tows on turn in the river and 24 tows on turn in the canal Anticipated approximate delay: 48+ hours….. Lock Contact Information:   Bayou Sorrel Lock 225-659-7773.  Port Allen Lock 225-343-3752.
  • West Canal Closure – The West Canal will be closed from Morgan City MM90 to New Orleans until late October, due to significant amount of material in the waterway that needs to be dredged.
  • Lower Miss Conditions – Low water and the swift conditions continue to reduce loaded tow-size NBD by 5-10 loads or 25%-34%. Expect conditions to impact transits through mid Sep, although we will need some rain on the upper rivers to avoid low-water conditions as we move through harvest..
  • Algiers Lock Restrictions – Until further notice, tows over 60′ wide restricted to 600′ total length, and tows less than 60′ wide restricted to 700′ total length. Two 30K barges or Four regulation barges able to lock through in one go, but greater configurations require assistance.
  • Belle Chasse Bridge Construction (WC 3)LADOT will begin construction activities 8/2 for the removal and replacement of the drawbridge at MM 3 behind Algiers Lock. Transit will see minimal delay during work, aside for intermittent 12-hr closures for work. USACE will keep industry informed of these closures as work progresses, expected throughout 2022. Expect delays to correlate between the intermittent closures and traffic at Algiers during this project.
  • Bayou Chene Closure – Due to floodgate construction, expect nightly closures (1900 – 0700) and assist vessel requirement transiting Bayou Chene. May drive delays to transit of the West Canal through the Morgan City area of 6-12 hrs.