River Closures and Restricted Movements


  • Cannelton Lock Main Chamber Closure (OR 720)Main Chamber will close for repairs July 5th through November 19th. Traffic will pass through the Auxiliary chamber, requiring two cuts for most tows. Expect delays similar to the recent Belleville Lock closure (18-36 Hrs).
  • Wilson Lock Delays (TR 259) – Wilson Lock is seeing 2+ days of delay due to a SBD daylight restriction. While the repairs are complete, there remains an issue with the floating guidewalls on the SBD approach.
  • Cumberland River Closure for Bridge Span Install (CR 1) – In September, expect a 3-7 day closure near the intersection of the Cumberland River with the Ohio River for the installation of a new bridge span in Smithland, KY. Further details to come.
  • Tennessee River Closure (TR 169 – 179) – River is planned to fully close on 8/29 for salvage operations, and again on 8/31 if not complete. Expect 12-24 hrs delay.

Chicago/Illinois/Upper Miss

  • Brandon Road Lock Restriction and Closure 2022 (IR 286) Full Closure begins August 15th thru September 4th. ACBL has positioned HP for the closure and release cutoff dates have now past for barges above the closure. Repair Closures began May 9th, and will carry through September 8th. We are currently seeing 16+ hrs of delay with 8 tows waiting this morning. Click Here for ACBL’s Commercial Update to our Customers impacted by the full closure this August.
  • Upper Miss Closeout – ACBL has published our final loading dates for shipments into the Upper Miss ahead of the Winter Closure. Our final loading dates from the Gulf origins will be October 10th for Dubuque, IA to St. Paul, MN and October 24th for St. Louis, MO thru Clinton, IA. Please review and get in touch with your ACBL sales representative if you have any questions. Click Here for the full closeout notice.
  • Mel Price Main Chamber Closure – Main Chamber closed Dec 2022- Mar 2023 for Liftgate Replacement and Lock Dewatering.
  • Starved Rock, Marseilles, Dresden Island, Brandon Rock Lock Closure 2023 – All 4 Locks will have a full closure June Thru September 2023 for repairs.

Lower Miss/Gulf/Canals/Tenn Tom

  • Norrell Lock (AK 10) – Intermittent closures for repairs and a 70′ width restriction took place June 1st, 2022 thru August 4th. The lock was fully open from August 4th through the 8th, but daily closures will be starting August 9th from 07:00 to 19:00 with no width restrictions. Additionally, 70′ width restrictions take place August 22nd and last until November 30th.
  • Lower Miss Daylight Restriction (LM 740) – Daylight closures will be in effect July 29th through August 8th while Dredge Jadwin is operating in the area.
  • Lower Miss Daylight Restriction (LM 503.50) – Mat Sinking Unit has started work at Sarah Island mile 503.5 Tuesday, Aug 2, which will restrict south-bound traffic to 12 barges or less from 0600 to 1900. Expected to complete August 8th.
  • Lower Miss River Closure (LM 336-344) – USACE Bank Grading Unit is working in the vicinity of mile 336.8 LMR left descending bank beginning 7/7/22 through 8/24/22.  The river will be closed to S/B traffic during the hours of 07:00 through 17:00 daily.  The possibility of passing traffic on a case by case basis during work hours will be evaluated once they are on site.
  • Old River Lock (LM 305) – Daily closure started August 1st from 06:00-19:30 and lasts through August 29th. Additionally, a second closure commencing approximately August 30th through November 12th 2022 for installation of two miter gates and repairing lock chamber expansion joints, which will necessitate a full closure.
  • I-10 Bridge (MM229.3) – Safety advisory on LMR from MM228.5 – 230 AHP for the replacement of the fender system on Pier 5 of the I-10 bridge, on the left descending channel near MM229.3. The operation will be 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week from August 1, 2022 – June 30, 2023. Operations may extend in the channel at times and cause delays. Transit slowest safe speed to minimize wake.
  • Algiers Lock Restrictions – Tows 60′ wide restricted to 600′ total length. Tows less than 60′ wide restricted to 700′ total length. Two 30K barges or Four regulation barges able to lock through in one go, but greater configurations require assistance. Additionally, USACE anticipates a few DAYTIME closures in the fall to address lock joint repairs.
  • Bayou Sorrel Intermittent Closures (PA 37) – The lock resumed the daily closure on August 1st Monday thru Thursday from 06:30 to 17:00. Projected to last till March 2023. Currently not anticipating any significant closures or restrictions.
  • Bayou Beouf Closure – Note in July or August 2022 USACE anticipates needing 2-3 days of FULL 24 hours closures to repair two (2) damaged hinges. USACE will repair one hinge, reopen lock to traffic to clear any queue and then complete the second and final hinge repair. 
  • Colorado Locks (WC 441) – Repair work to take place from August 1st thru September 9th from 07:00 to 17:00 each day. Work will not be performed on weekends or Federal Holidays.
  • Inner Harbor Navigation Canal – USACE anticipates work should begin this fall (Nov/Dec). Some DAYTIME closures are expected, but timing is unknown at this time. Majority of work should not require lock closures.
  • Florida Ave Bridge (GIWW MM 11) – Bridge is raised for vessel traffic and will close for the passage of trains. This schedule will remain until permanent repairs are made.
  • LMR MM116 – due to oil spill clean up efforts at MM116, VTS is requiring all vessels to proceed at slowest safe speed, with minimal wake, between MM115 & MM117 daily until further notice.
  • LMR MM121.7 – Dive operations at the Hale Boggs Memorial Bridge for pier inspection will continue daily from 0830-1800 until 8/11. Please use caution when transiting the area.