River Closures & Restricted Movements


  • Olmsted Locks and Dam (OR 965) – Effective 26 July 2021, project personnel will begin raising the wickets to hold pool due to lower water levels. Navigation traffic moved to the lock chambers.
  • Montgomery Lock and Damn (OR31.7)Main Chamber closed 7/26/21 thru 8/27/21. Boat will have to use Auxiliary Chamber to navigate lock. Expect delays if you have barges moving through this area. In the last 24 hours there were 8 tows that arrived and we passed 6 tows with 27 barges that averaged 7.24 hours of delay and 4.11 hours locking for a total transit time of 11.35 hours.   There are currently 3 tows waiting, with 13 barges, that has averaged 10.68 hours of delay. Since repairs began, July 26th, we have passed 15 tows with 89 barges that have averaged 11.33 total hours of delay and 5.40 hours locking, for a total of 16.73 hours to transit.

Chicago/Illinois/Upper Miss

  • Lock 27 ClosureLock 27 Main chamber repairs cancelled and will reschedule at a later date.
  • Mel Price Main Chamber Closure 2022 – Main Chamber closed JAN 2022- Mar 2022 for Liftgate Replacement and Lock Dewatering.
  • Merchants Bridge Closure – There will be 2 closures in September to replace first span over the Main Navigation Channel. The current schedule includes the plan to perform the removal of the existing span which includes a 24 hour river channel closure on or about September 10, 2021. Second closure to install the new span scheduled on or about September 13, 2021.  These dates are tentative and are dependent upon weather and river conditions encountered between now and the dates noted.

Lower Miss/Gulf/Canals/Tenn Tom

  • Revetment Operation Update at LM 933As of Wednesday, 7/28, USCG and USACE have halted SBD transit during working hours. They will re-evaluate daily through the completion of work now expected 8/6. NBD transit remains permissible during working hours. Expect up to 12-hrs of delay for SBD vessels.
  • David Terry Lock Closure (AK 108)Repairs scheduled to fully close David Terry Lock for two weeks just below Little Rock 8/27 – 9/9. Prior to this, the lock will see intermittent closures 8/16 – 8/26. This will effectively close-off access to the Ark from the LM. For our latest commercial guidance, please click here.
  • Algiers Lock Restrictions – Until further notice, tows over 60′ wide restricted to 600′ total length, and tows less than 60′ wide restricted to 700′ total length. Two 30K barges or Four regulation barges are able to lock through in one go, but greater configurations will require trip boat assistance.
  • Belle Chasse Bridge Construction (WC 3)LADOT will begin construction activities 8/2 for the removal and replacement of the drawbridge at MM 3 behind Algiers Lock. Transit will see minimal delay during work, aside for intermittent 12-hr closures for work. USACE will keep industry informed of these closures as work progresses, expected throughout 2022. Expect delays to correlate between the intermittent closures and traffic at Algiers during this project. First Closure Period scheduled 0600 – 1900 8/4/2021.
  • Bayou Chene Closure – Due to entering a critical phase of floodgate construction and diving operations, expect nightly closures (1900 – 0700) and an assist vessel requirement for transiting Bayou Chene (Morgan City bypass). These changes take effect 4/14. May drive delays to transit of the West Canal through the Morgan City area of 6-12 hrs.