Inland Waterway Weather Report

Weather Highlights: 

  •  A cold front will move across the Mississippi Valley from Friday through Saturday.  Light snow will fall across portions of the upper MS Valley while light rainfall will fall across the  remainder of the valley.  The cold front will stall across southern Mississippi on Sunday morning and will push back to the north as warm front.  This system will bring significant rainfall to southern portions of the middle Mississippi Valley, Ohio Valley, upper lower MS Valley including the Tennessee Valley. Rainfall from 1” to 4” is possible through Tuesday. The heaviest is expected across TN, northern MS and AL.

7-day QPF totals (through next Monday morning):

  • Upper MS: ¼” or less is expected over the next week. 
  • Middle MS/Ohio Valley:  ¼” to 2” is expected over the lower MO/middle MS. Across the Ohio Valley,  ¾” to 5” is expected with the highest rainfall totals over southern KY.
  • Lower MS Valley: Up to 4” is expected across the lower valley, with the highest rainfall totals across TN, northern MS and AL.