Dry Cargo

Dry Cargo Sales

Rich McCarty, Director of Marketing, Grain and Fertilizer, Jeffersonville, IN – 812-288-1703

Dave Miller, Senior Director of Marketing, Steel, Bulk and Non-Bulk, Jeffersonville, IN – 812-288-0306

Jeff Carman, Senior Director, Regional Sales, New Orleans, LA – 513-260-3048

Andrew Devlin, Senior Director, Regional Sales, Philadelphia, PA – 812-288-1903

David R. Evans, Senior Customer Accounts Manager, St. Louis, MO – 314-452-6628

Daniel Kelly, Customer Account Manager, Mobile, AL – 251-408-7655

Daniel Rosskopf, Sales Manager, Jeffersonville, IN – 812-288-0308

Doug Caylor, Sales Manager, Jeffersonville, IN – 812-288-0314

Jeremy Lane, Sales Manager, Jeffersonville, IN – 812-288-0546

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