Annual Open Enrollment

2022 Open Enrollment

November 16 through December 6

Enroll Online at or on the UKG mobile app

What is Open Enrollment?

Every year you have an opportunity to make changes to all of your benefits for the following year. This opportunity, commonly known as Open Enrollment, is a chance for everyone to review their benefits and do the following:

  • Elect
  • Cancel, and/or
  • Add/Remove Dependents

Benefit Changes for 2022

Watch our 2022 Benefits Presentation to learn more about our benefit offerings this year!

Click on the 3 lines next to the gear to navigate through the video & watch what is important to you regarding your 2022 Benefits.
  • New medical plan
    • We are now offering a high deductible health plan called the Value HDHP.  This plan has low payroll deductions and can be paired with an HSA.
  • Payroll deduction changes 
    • While ACBL is picking up ~2/3 of the medical costs increases, there will be small changes to payroll deductions for the Premium and Basic medical plans and to the Vision plan.  There are no changes to the cost of dental or other benefit offerings.
  • Savings Accounts:
    • Healthcare Savings Account (HSA) – Only eligible to be enrolled in this benefit if enrolled in the Value HDHP medical plan.
    • Limited Use Flexibile Spending Account – Team members who enroll in the Value HDHP medicla plan are eligible to enroll in this benefit to set aside money pre-tax for Dental and Vision expenses. Please note that this is exclusively for Dental and Vision. Medical expenses are eligible to be paid via the HSA.
  • COVID-19 surcharge:
    • Team Members and spouses who are enrolled in an ACBL Medical plan, and have not recorded their COVID vaccination will be charged a $35/month surcharge. Team Members and spouses can waive the surcharge by either submitting their completed vaccination card.
    • Team Members who do not have their COVID vaccination card on file with the wellness team are not eligible to receive Short-Term Disability Pay Continuence. If a team member has a medical or religious exemption, they must contact the ACBL Wellness Team for assistance with using either of these in place of the vaccination.

Why You Should Complete Open Enrollment

  • We Need Beneficiaries for You: We could not transfer over your beneficiaries from our old benefits system so we need them for EVERYONE! Regardless if you don’t elect voluntary life insurance, we need it for the employee company provided life.
  • Remove Unnecessary Surcharges: If enrolled in ACBL Medical you could pay up to $2,400 next year in tobacco and spousal surcharges, if you don’t complete your enrollment! Complete your 2022 Open enrollment to avoid this if the Tobacco and/or Spousal Surcharges do not apply to you!
  • To Elect your Flexible Spending Account (FSA) or Helathcare Savings Account (HSA): Participation in these accounts is voluntary and can only be done by electing the benefits during Open Enrollment. Your current enrollment in the Flexible Spending Accounts does not automatically renew.
  • Add/Remove: Benefits or Dependents