ACBL is your supply chain partner, dedicated to meeting your logistics needs with reliable barge transportation solutions.  

With a fleet of approximately 4,200 barges powered by over 150 boats, ACBL transports an array of dry and liquid cargoes, including chemicals, petroleum, ethanol, grain, coal, steel, fertilizers, salt, containers, and project cargo throughout the U.S. inland waterways system. 

For those not located on the river, our complete supply chain solutions include multi-modal transloading and storage terminals, enabling you to take advantage of the many benefits of barge transportation, which is greener, safer, and more economical and efficient than railroads or trucks. 

On course for the future we have added capacity to our tank barge fleet and right-sized our dry hopper barge fleet with scrapping and construction programs while refurbishng and repowering our towboats to provide our customers with the highest quality equipment and the most reliable service. 

At ACBL, we strive to make our customers' jobs easier with tools such as ACBL Connect, a proprietary tracking system that supports supply chain management.   

As your supply chain partner, ACBL will move you on a green, economical course to where you need to go today and wherever your business may take you in the future.  

Call our Sales Team at 800-638-2134 to learn more.