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Safety Is Our Priority Safety is the first of ACBL's core values and our number one operating priority. We are committed to the safety of people, the environment, and our customers' cargoes. We are proud to lead the industry in safety performance and diligent in pursuing continuous improvement to reach our goal of zero injuries and incidents. Read More   Environmental Stewardship Protection of the environment is one of ACBL's operating priorities. We are committed to achieving environmental excellence with an environmental management system that includes pollution prevention, energy and resource conservation, environmental audits, training, and community education. Read More   Services At ACBL, our focus is our customers. Just as we navigate changing river conditions, we anticipate and meet our customers' evolving needs with complete supply chain solutions that are more economical, cleaner, greener, and safer than railroads and trucks. Discover how you can chart a new course with ACBL. Read More  

Welcome to ACBL

American Commercial Barge Line (ACBL) began in 1915 as a coal moving business on the Kentucky River and has grown, over the years, into one of the largest and most diversified marine transportation and manufacturing companies in the country. We are proud to provide the most economical, safest and greenest mode of transportation. 


At ACBL, our mission is to meet the evolving needs of our customers with the most reliable, innovative and competitive barge transportation solutions, and our operating priority is always the safety of our team, the marine environment, and our customers' cargoes.


Over the past five years, we have invested $500 million in our fleet and supporting operations so that we are better equipped than ever to deliver value through reliable barge transportation and the best customer service.  Today, our fleet includes 4,200 barges powered by nearly 175 towboats. Take a look at this video on the rebuilding and refurbishment of the M.V. Capt. RP Gettelfinger, which illustrates the depth of our commitment to ongoing investment in our fleet and our people.


Not willing to rest in the wake of the progress we have made, we are committed to providing barge transportation solutions that are more innovative and competitive and customer service that is more reliable and responsive than ever before.




American Currents - River Conditions

At ACBL, we strive to keep our customers, vendors and the river industry informed about current conditions throughout the river system via the American Currents publication.  For the most up-to-date American Currents, simply click the link below. 

To receive the American Currents publication via e-mail distribution, call 812-288-0466 to request.

American Currents

Seamen's Church Institute

The Seamen's Church Institute (SCI) cares for the hardworking men and women of maritime commerce, but its mission would not be possible without the help of individuals, churches, corporations and foundations that work with SCI to meet their needs. Click here to learn about how you can help.