Logistics Contacts

24/7 Logistics Planning Center, Jeffersonville, IN - 812-288-1950

Nick Lonnemann, Vice President, Logistics, Jeffersonville, IN - 812-288-0336

Rhonda Brunet, Manager Logistics Support, Jeffersonville, IN - 812-288-0346

Jeff Fetick, Manager Equipment Optimization, St. Louis, MO - 314-239-0967

Sarah Looper, Dispatcher, Barge Projection & Bulk Reconsignments, Jeffersonville, IN - 812-288-0549

Fred Tucker, Director Dry Barge Projection, Jeffersonville, IN - 812-288-0254

Pam Weiss, Director Barge Dispatch, Jeffersonville, IN - 812-288-0420

Boat Planning

Justin “JB” Meiman, Director Boat Planning, Jeffersonville, IN - 812-288-0466

Dave Hoehn, Manager, Ohio River Boat Planning, Jeffersonville, IN - 812-288-0436

Doug Hilyer, Manager, Outside Towing; Planner, Cairo Hub/Lower Mississippi, Jeffersonville, IN - 812-288-1762

Will Hart, Planner, Gulf Hub/East & West Canals, Jeffersonville, IN - 812-288-0409

Robert Hinkle, Dispatcher, Outside Towing, Jeffersonville, IN - 812-288-1953

Jeremy Wooten, Planner, St. Louis Hub, Jeffersonville, IN - 812-288-0334

Liquid Logistics

Laura Bell, Manager, Liquid Logistics, Jeffersonville, IN - 812-288-0540

Lisa Barr, Planner, Unit Tows, Jeffersonville, IN - 812-288-1623

Reagan Purlee, Planner, Unit Tows, Jeffersonville, IN - 812-288-1623

Ben Reinhart, Associate Planner, Unit Tows, Jeffersonville, IN - 812-288-1695

Andrew Dunn, Liquid Barge Dispatcher, Illinois/Chicago/Ohio/Tenn, Jeffersonville, IN - 812-288-0495

Shanna Talley, Liquid Barge Dispatcher, Gulf/Lower Miss/Arkansas, Jeffersonville, IN - 812-288-1779

Erika Washington, Liquid Barge Dispatcher, West Canal/Houston, Jeffersonville, IN - 812-288-1927

Dry Cargo Logistics - Northern Barge Dispatch


Brian Growe, Manager, Ohio River, Jeffersonville, IN - 812-288-0417

John Fox, Lead Dispatcher, Lower Ohio, Jeffersonville, IN - 812-288-1600

Steve Brown, Dispatcher, Upper and Mid Ohio River, Jeffersonville, IN - 812-288-1602

Bob Leshe, Dispatcher, Tennessee/Cumberland Rivers, Jeffersonville, IN - 812-288-0544

Allison Koopman, Dispatcher, Ohio River, Jeffersonville, IN - 812-288-1603


Brian Deering, Manager, Upper Mississippi and Illinois Rivers, Jeffersonville, IN - 812-288-1755

T.J. Graham, Lead Dispatcher, Upper Mississippi: Cairo to Granite City, Jeffersonville, IN - 812-288-0493

Dave Fleming, Lead Dispatcher, Upper Mississippi: Alton, IL to St. Paul, Jeffersonville, IN - 812-288-1884

Jackie Hansford, Dispatcher, Chicago/Illinois River, Jeffersonville, IN - 812-288-0497

Amanda Pendley, Dispatcher, Chicago/Illinois River, Jeffersonville, IN - 812-288-1832

Dry Cargo Logistics - Southern Barge and Boat Dispatch

Mike O'Neil, Manager, Southern Barge Dispatch, Jeffersonville, IN - 812-288-0117

Angela Boyer, Dispatcher, Lower Mississippi/Arkansas, Jeffersonville, IN - 812-288-0326

Kendrick Ready, Traffic Assistant, West Canal/Lower Mississippi, Jeffersonville, IN - 812-288-0268

Billy Dean, Tow Planner, Gulf Hub, Jeffersonville, IN - 812-288-1833

Meade Robbins, Tow Planner, Gulf Area, Jeffersonville, IN - 812-288-1833

Terrence Durity, Lead Dispatcher, Gulf Shuttle Boats, Jeffersonville, IN - 812-288-0330

Nathan Cross, Dispatcher, Gulf Shuttle Boats, Jeffersonville, IN - 812-288-2268

Joe Ward, Lead Dispatcher, East Canal/Mobile/Tenn Tombigbee, Harahan, LA - 504-736-1210

Rick Perra, Lead Dispatcher, West Canal/Houston, Jeffersonville, IN - 812-288-0317

Shane Davenport, Barge Allocator, Gulf Area, Jeffersonville, IN - 812-288-1924

Kathy Skidis, Barge Allocator, Gulf Area, Jeffersonville, IN - 812-288-1959

Fleet Dispatch and Night Logistics

Vince Willis, Director Fleet Planners, Jeffersonville, IN - 812-288-1650

Ryan Phillips, Manager Logistics, Convent, LA - 225-562-5015


Cairo Fleet, Jeffersonville, IN - 812-288-1952

Days: Roger Gaffin, Dispatcher; Joey Lowery, Fleet Planner

Nights: Rick Warren, Associate Dispatcher; Ed Wilcox, Fleet Planner

Houston Fleet, Jeffersonville, IN – 812-288-1969

Days: Shawna Schroeder, Lead Dispatcher; Patrick Wick, Fleet Planner

Nights: Terri Morrison, Associate Fleet Planner; Richard Young, Fleet Planner

Convent/Armant Fleets, Convent, LA - 225-562-5001

Days: Roy McKinney, Fleet Dispatcher; Elton Williams, Fleet Dispatcher

Nights: Glen Landry, Associate Dispatcher; Gail LaBove, Fleet Dispatcher [Includes Ships/Tiger Fleet]

Dockside/Harahan Fleets, Convent, LA - 225-562-5002

Days: Trudy Bernard, Fleet Dispatcher; James Thompson, Fleet Dispatcher

Nights: Jennifer Brown, Fleet Dispatcher; Anderson Dye, Fleet Dispatcher

Ships/Tiger Fleet, Convent, LA - 225-562-5004

Days: Michelle Stewart, Fleet Dispatcher; Tim Tregel, Fleet Dispatcher


Dry Cargo and Boats, Jeffersonville, IN - 812-288-0589

Joe Colantonio, Fleet Manager, Ed Williams, Fleet Manager

Liquid Shuttle Boats, Jeffersonville, IN - 812-288-0547

Dan Winchester, Dispatcher; Leigh Hornbuckle, Dispatcher