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ACBL Connect - Customer Tool

Managing Your Supply Chain is Easy with ACBL

ACBL Connect provides the platform for you to manage your cargo movements with ACBL.  In ACBL Connect, you can access barge equipment data, find current ACBL boat positions, research average transit times, and more at

As a customer, you can manage your supply chain on the river with your personalized account at ACBLTrac.  Your account offers hourly barge traffic and the personalized creation of multiple views of your current barge information, as well as automated e-mails of your barge data to whomever you choose, whenever you choose. Your ACBLTrac account also gives you access to your invoices, tow details for your barges, and historical traffic data of barges transporting your cargo.   

As a vendor, you can view our barges at your facility, barges en route and barges scheduled to your facility.  You can also set up automated e-mails of your barge data to be sent up to three times per day to whomever you choose, whenever you choose.     

Visit to register for your personalized ACBLTrac account.