Safety & Sustainability

Environmental Benefits of Barging

Barges - The Cleanest, Greenest and Most Efficient Mode of Transportation

Using barges in your supply chain not only provides significant savings, but is a clear choice to conserve fuel, protect our communities, and ensure cleaner air.  Barges are the most sustainable course for our future. 

The Energy Efficient Choice

Barges can move one ton of cargo 576 miles per gallons of fuel, that is 163 miles further than a railcar and 421 miles further than a truck. 

   Ton Miles Traveled per Gallon of Fuel


The Safe Choice

While all transport modes work hard to prevent accidents, spill rates for barges are significantly lower than those for railroads and trucks. 

Rate of Spills in Gallons per Million Ton-miles


                 spills of more than 1,000 gallons

The Clean Choice

Barge transportation emits significantly less carbon dioxide than railroads and trucks, which helps us all breathe easier.


For additional information on the benefits of barging from the Texas Transportation Institute's study, "A Modal Comparison of freight Transportation Effects on the General Public, visit the National Waterways Foundation's Research page