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Jeffboat, ACBL's manufacturing division, is the nation's largest inland shipbuilder, spanning 68 acres on the Ohio River in Jeffersonville, Indiana.  As a leader in marine design and construction for nearly 80 years, Jeffboat continues to live up to its reputation for unmatched excellence in building superior quality barges.

Our comittment to innovation in engineering and manufacturing ensures that Jeffboat barges and boats are built to perform, built to last, and built to meet your needs. 

To reach Jeffboat, call 812-288-1796 or email jeffboathumanresources@jeffboat.com.

To add Jeffboat quality to your fleet, contact John Nugent, Sales Director, 812-288-1831.

To view Jeffboat’s Material Providers Standard Terms and Conditions, click here.

To view Jeffboat’s Service Providers Standard Terms and Conditions, click here.